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The adoption of EHR (Electronic Health Records) worldwide is not a new happening. The cost containment on healthcare and safety of the patient has been the driving force behind the worldwide growth of the EMR market. The worldwide market for EMR is expected to rise from $4,355 millions in 2009 to $9,957 millions in 2015. The commendation for this rising course goes not only to the WHO emphasis on information and government initiatives but also to the  healthcare organization, who believe in the notion of the safety of the patients and increasing the patient involvement in the process.


With the increase in the education, accessibility and affordability levels in healthcare, today the concerns for patient safety is not just the prime goal of the care organization. The integration attribute of EMR along with the other important processes of the hospital not only helps the organization focus on the key performance indicators but also makes it a patient-centric care organization. The communication and operability among the organizations have increased helping them to be in sync and giving another add-on to the patient centric mode.

The current trends in India show a 24.9% elementary adoption as compared to the 10.1% full functional adoption. This is the dawn of a smarter way of running an organization. DocEngage is a Healthcare IT innovation that gives the smart leaders a push start to better practice management.

  • DocEngage offers improved care to the patient by:
    1. Practice Management
    2. Improved patient-doctor Communication
    3. Easy and quick processes
  • DocEngage facilitate the medical practice by:
    1. Reducing Medical Errors
    2. Motivating the best of the practice for managing long-standing diseases and conditions.

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Better communication between patients and doctors and among other care providers is a key component of care coordination, leads to improved patient outcomes. Communication includes both patient-doctor communication, which is part of a continuity of care, and communication between doctors, which primarily involves discussing clinical decisions for patients. DocEngage improves communication with patients and also connect care providers .

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In general, immediate access to Patient data enables doctors to focus on the patient rather than gathering information from a variety of paper sources during visits. They do not have to call down the hall for a lab or test result, they spend more quality time with the patient in context-rich way. Similarly, because other care providers can pose questions to the doctor via the EMR’s electronic instant messaging function, rather than opening the examination room door, doctor-patient communication during a visit can continue  without interruption.

Ease of access to patient information also enriches patient education during visits.which finally leads to better communication. For example, doctors could pull up information from the patient’s record such as medication list, the problem list,  and care plans.

Benefits of Patient-Doctor Communication are followings:

1) Doctor can focus on the patient and can engage in real-time decision making rather than spending time pulling information from a variety of paper sources

2) Patients reportedly feel better once his record gets reviewed with another doctor

3) DocEngage allows doctors to order tests without interrupting the exam to call an assistant, so patient communication is less disrupted

4) Useful for patient education, for example, can pull information from the record and educational materials to reinforce discussion.

DocEngage provides following potential solution to improve doctor-patient communication

1) Helps to maximize eye contact with the  patient. Engage the patient during relevant information capturing , such as history of present illness, history, problem list, which improves accuracy of data collected.

2) Validate and enhance EMR information with the patient and other care providers, especially in critical situations.

3) DocEngage enhances the patient-doctor communication by providing pre-registration form before doctor appointment and post treatment health data update.

DocEngage is a boon to patient/doctor information exchange. Because here the information is organized and those patient information are any time accessible from anywhere . There is reduction in repetition of data and same tests, which allows both doctors and patients to move forward to diagnosis and treatment.and patient health record will help care providers  to see a more complete picture of the patient.